Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pumpkin Frosty

Morning Everyone!

I think this post is perfect for today - Jack Frost was literally nipping at my nose this morning when I took my son to school!

This summer we had an over abundance of pumpkins in our pumpkin patch.  They weren't huge pumpkins by any means due to the heat and lack of rain in the later stages of summer, but pumpkins none the less.  We donated close to 30 to my son's preschool and had a wonderful night of pumpkin carving shortly before Halloween.  This still left me with a few pumpkins, which I displayed around my home for Fall.

Well, Fall came and went and I still hadn't gotten around to throwing my leftover pumpkins away.  That's when I stumbled upon a post on Pinterest that suggested painting pumpkins white and decorating them for the Holiday Season.  LIGHT BULB moment!  This Frosty took literally pennies (ok, I know I'm from Canada and we don't technically have pennies anymore but you get my drift) to make.  I had the craft paint kicking around my craft room and obviously the pumpkins so all I needed were a few accessories.  The top hat is one sheet of Basic Black paper with a band of Real Red.  I punched a large circle into the underside of the brim so it fit nicely over the stem of the pumpkin then hot glued it into place.  I added a scarf from my coat closet to keep Frosty's neck warm and viola! instant cheap Holiday decor!

I also made one for my son's Pre-Kindergarten room.  I dropped him off this morning and I think he was a hit with the kids!
All you need to add to this Frosty is a scarf around his neck and he's perfect for displaying on a shelf out of reach of little hands :)

Thanks for stopping by today!  I'll see you on my next post!
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Deanna said...

This is really cute, who knew to use pumpkins. Now my problem is finding pumpkins, if not is there something else I could use and get the same look?

Char said...

A very clever idea, thanks for sharing.

Melissa Banbury said...

I don't know if they'd be all packed away yet, but I know the larger craft stores have resin pumpkins during the Fall season. I'm sure they would work just as well! Or even wooden balls stacked and glued together would do the trick! Good luck!

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