Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Potted Succulents


I've recently taken to fascinating over Fairy Gardens.  I have a few around the house and am in the process of setting up my annual outdoor one (I'll post pics when I get it all done).  While looking for inspiration for my gardens via Pinterst a common thing that keeps popping up is Succulents.  In the past I'd always overlooked this type plant because I thought they were rather boring, but boy oh boy was I wrong!

Succulents come in a huge array of shapes and colors and are sure to attract attention to any display...which got me thinking (dangerous place my brain LOL) could I figure out how to make them in paper form?  I studied many photos and the above picture is what I managed to come up with. 

This pot of succulents contains 10 "varieties", each uniquely different and colorful to stand out on their own.  And because Mother's Day is fast approaching this weekend I made both my mom and Ryan's mom one each.  I'm so pleased with the way they turned out that I just want to keep on making them!  In fact there's an empty vase sitting on my desk that's been begging to be filled as we speak... ;)

If you would like to create this colorful display for yourself or a loved one you can purchase the tutorial by clicking on the TUTORIAL STORE tab at the top of this page and scrolling to the very bottom of that page.

The tutorial as mentioned includes 10 varieties of succulents and full photo instructions to assemble each and every one with a few tips along the way.  I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you think; and as always I'd love for you to email me your completed project photos!!


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Have a great day!
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2dogs2luv said...

very nice Melissa; maybe in time I'll take a try at these; thanks for sharing

johnandersonm said...
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