Friday, June 5, 2015

Bumblebee Transform! Pop Up Card


I'm finding as my boys get a little older they are quickly leaving behind the "cutesy" little boy stage. I suddenly find myself in a toy aisle where everything looks foreign, has two heads, lights up, and growls at me with glowing eyes. But, that being said, I'd still like to be looked upon as the "cool mom" so I'm trying to roll with the punches (pardon the pun) and up my game in the kid card department. 

When I asked for input before making this card Griffin told me "It HAS to be a Transformer and it HAS to be Bumblebee".  I inwardly groaned before heading over to Pinterest for inspiration.  I managed by pure luck to stumble upon a template for a card that actually transformed!  The only downfall?  It was essentially a coloring page and I wanted it to look more realistic.  Now let's be honest here - there was absolutely nothing wrong with it; I just felt the need (as always) to put my own twist and on things.  

I pulled out my punches and framelits and got to work.  Oh and work I did.  This was definitely trial and error and a few not so pretty words may or may not have been spoken.  Getting this little guy to change from a car to a robot was no easy task and even though I'm still not exactly satisfied with the shape of the car I think it turned out pretty darn cool...and it just might keep me on the "cool mom" list awhile longer :)

Side view partially closed.

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

Taking photos of this card proved to be extremely hard so I thought I would do a super quick video showing how the mechanics of it work.  Sometimes it just easier to see a visual!

As I mention within the video, I haven't made a template for this card as of yet.  If its something enough people are interested in I will definitely endure the pain again to create one LOL.  Please leave a comment down below, on my Facebook page or on the You Tube video - I love hearing from you!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Until next time...

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JKB said...

This is SO amazing!!!!Now that I have a grandson, this would be great to try to make for his birthday.

Lynn Fletcher said...

I just think this is so cool. My youngest boy who is almost 24 loves the Transformers and I would love to make this in time for his birthday, (Oct 17th). I would love to have a template of this. I then could be a cool Mom even to my almost 24 son. If you do make let me know @ I could even go to your place I just live in Alberta. lol! TFS!

Fran Kennedy said...

Would love the boyfriend's grandson's would love this...Amazingly awesome to say the least!!!!!!

debbie said...

I would love a template! My grandsons are growing up too fast.

debbie said...

I would love a template! My grandsons are growing up too fast.

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