Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Home for the Holiday's in a Tea Cup


I loved making the Spring version of my Front Porch in a Tea Cup so much that I just couldn't resist trying a Holiday/Christmas version! I'm so happy with the way it turned out - if I could find a cottage like this I'd definitely move in; how about you?

As with my previous version, almost everything is hand made.  The only store bought items are the little trees and beads and a few other little trinkets to add finishing touches.  Each piece of siding is hand cut and stamped; along with all the small paper details you see.  And, as usual, all papers are Stampin' Up!

The little snowman was so fun to make that I couldn't resist making a batch of them to use in other projects!  They are the absolute perfect size for little wee things like this and add a little whimsy to the scene I think.

Small pine boughs with berries adorn the white picket railing and a scattering of freshly fallen snow add sparkle above the window and door and stairs.  The evergreen is decorated for the festive season in the front yard with garland sprinkled with gold decorations.  

A quick view of the top of the tea cup; I just couldn't cover up the pretty pattern with more snow so I left it exposed to enjoy.  The small cuts of branches help add height and dimension to the side of the tea cup and make the cottage scene look slightly more "woodsy".

I'm planning on taking this tea cup along with a few others I made to a small craft show later on in the week. If it doesn't find a loving new home I'll be placing up for sale either here on the blog or in my Etsy shop.  So, if you love tiny wee things be on the lookout!  I've made a few winter as well as summer ones that I hope to share here later this week if all goes according to plan.  I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm not nearly as far along in my Holiday prep as I normally am for this time of year! Now, you could say that it's because of my excess crafting, but I'll just chalk it up to busyness elsewhere in my life...like remembering to move that dang elf every night...LOL

Have a great day all!  Until next time...

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Kittie said...

Melissa, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Wow! I love your tea cup scene. Every detail is perfect.

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