Friday, February 24, 2017

Pokemon Incineroar Card in a Box


If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you probably already know that I love a challenge, especially when it comes to me in the form of punch art.  This Pokemon Incineroar card proved to be no exception and in the end has probably been my most challenging to create to date.  I was asked by a client in Australia if I could make a Pokemon card for her grandson.  I quickly agreed assuming (I never, ever seem to learn not to assume...) that she would be requesting a character like Pikachu or the logo which would be quite simple to re-create.  Ha, not!  She sent me a Googled image of Incineroar...and I panicked!

After catching my breath and really studying the image I realized that maybe it wouldn't be as bad as I thought.  I try to approach any image I'm making from punch art as simply broken down pieces, not as a whole image and I find then that everything is simply a shape connected to another shape, creating a puzzle that eventually makes a picture.  I know there are many ways to tackle a project like this, such as printing the image out and cutting the pieces of the "puzzle" apart; but I prefer to leave the image on my phone or Ipad and simply work from eye off the screen.  His hands seemed the most daunting to me so I began with his head and body, leaving the hands for last so I could accurately proportion them. Here's my end result, before I added him to the card in a box base:
He's not an identical match, but I think it's fairly close.  In the end I used only a few punches from my collection and spent a good portion of my time cutting small, intricate, hand cut pieces to make the image as authentic as possible...and yes, each of those tiny white claws was hand cut and glued into place.  In the end, Incineroar took about 3 hours from conception to completion, with another hour cutting, designing, and decorating the card base.

In addition to the products listed I also used the retired Small Oval Punch, Little Number Thinlit Dies, Black Glimmer Paper, Neutral DSP Card Stack in Basic Black.

If you have any questions on this card, or would like to order a custom made card, please feel free to email me with requests.  I didn't make any templates for this card, but if there is interest I can add one to my Tutorial page at a later date.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Eileen said...

Absolutely incredible! You are a true artist. :)

Melissa Banbury said...

Thank you Eileen!

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You are talented and to my eyes you are a true artist, This Pokemon Incineroar card is incredible. Thank you for sharing this post and keep up the good job !

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Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful artist in my heart..!! Great lego article, I'm always waiting for your post

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