Thursday, March 14, 2013

Newspaper Egg Wreath

With more snow to come in our forecast I can't help but think Spring is never going to get here!  I'm posting this today in the hopes that maybe Mother Nature reads my blog in her spare time and will take pity on me and make the snow melt over night (HA!).

I actually made this wreath last year, after finding a similar one on Pinterest.  If I'd have known the ENORMOUS amount of time it would take to make this I may have thought twice...then again...probably not cause I'm just that crazy.  I began by wrapping a wreath form with strips of printed paper.  Any old book will do - just make sure the paper isn't too heavy so it can be easily wrapped and formed around the wreath form and eggs.

Then I began wrapping plastic eggs that I purchased from a Dollar Store.  This is where the time consuming part comes in and tons of trial and error.  I thought a paper mache technique would work - NOT.  I couldn't get a thing to stick no matter what I did.  So, in the end, I used a paint brush and white glue watered down slightly to apply each and every 1/4" strip to each and every egg.  I believe there's 8-10 strips on each egg and roughly 60 plastic eggs.  After all the eggs were dry I hot glued them to the wreath form.  I added rolled flowers made from Stampin' Up! paper and added a couple of butterflies from the Beautiful Wings embosslit.

I don't suggest putting a wreath like this outdoors unless its sprayed with some sort of clear coat sealer.  I have mine hanging inside my patio door - perfectly pretty place to help welcome Spring and hopefully watch some snow melt away!

Until next time...
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Carol Carriveau said...

Fabulous and at first glance at the picture and before I read your description, I thought that this has to be a lot of work...guessing this is the only one you will be making...LOL! TFS~)

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