Friday, April 3, 2015

Blog Update!


Before I sign off for the long weekend I just wanted to let you know about a couple of updates I've made to my blog.

On my home screen in the tab bars along the top you'll notice that I've added a section called 
"Cards for Sale" and "Retired Items for Sale".  

The "Cards for Sale" section is a collection of many of the cards I've made since beginning my blog. I realized my card box was getting a little full - turns out there was over 100 of them in there! There are a couple duplicates but for the most part they are one of a kind so if you find one you might like to have act quickly before its gone.  If you'd like to purchase any of the cards simply click on the Add to Cart button and it will have you complete the purchase through PayPal.  Once I receive payment I'll package it up and send it in the mail ASAP!  Please note that I will ship to BOTH Canada and the USA and the prices of the cards INCLUDE shipping :)

The "Retired Items for Sale" is just as it sounds - I have Clear and Wood mount stamp sets listed along with many Big Shot items.  If you're interested in and items please email me directly and we'll set up payment arrangements.  Shipping IS NOT included in the listed price!  Please note that I will ONLY ship retired items to Canada.

Oh, and please ignore the fact that the photos fall into my sidebar!  I'm working on correcting my margin sizes but until then you'll have to bear along with me and my lack of computer techy skills! Why is it you fix one thing and two others go wrong?? {Sigh...}

I'd love if you'd take a look around these two new blog features; it was a nice walk down Memory Lane seeing some of my older creations and sets!  Have a wonderful Easter - until next time!

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