Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday!


We celebrated my youngest son's birthday this past Monday as he turned the ripe old age of 5.  What the heck happened to the last five years?!  I honestly feel like time goes faster with the youngest...I'm sure it was just last week he stopped night feedings and here I am putting him on a school bus and sticking a number 5 candle on his birthday cake!

He is currently loving the Disney cartoon, Miles from Tomorrowland so we went with that theme for his birthday.  I made the cake in the shape of the Stellosphere (Miles' spaceship) and filled the goody bags full of space themed things...alien monster key chains, glow sticks, Mars bars, Rocket candy, and of course Pop Rocks!

I knew that he would love if I could re-create Miles on his card.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much inspiration to be found online so I came up with my own punch art version.  Tedious and maybe not perfect but the moment he opened the card and shouted "Miles" I knew I'd done OK :)

The card involves tons of trimmed by hand pieces mixed in with a few punched pieces.  I didn't create a tutorial as I went simply because I wasn't sure if I could get it from my mind to paper but if I find there is enough interest I will definitely make a tutorial available!

Well, I'm ready to "BLAST OFF" as Miles would say.  It's snowing here so its a perfect opportunity to craft!  I have the first installment of my 12 Weeks of Holiday newsletter all ready to go for Friday; have you signed up yet??

On a quick side note, I gave my blog a bit of a face lift over the weekend!  What do you think?  I wanted something a little lighter, brighter, and fresh looking.  If you notice any kinks in your visits over the next while, please let me know.  It all seemed to be working fine when I made the changes but I'm no computer expert so I may have missed something.  Your feedback is so greatly appreciated!

Until next time...
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